Time to clear the snow!

Time to clear the snow!

Snowfall is a magical event we look forward to when winter comes. People say it is a unique and peaceful experience that is like none other. But a magical event too has its pros and cons. No matter how beautiful it feels, the real trouble begins when it stops snowing, and you have to make your path. The garden which you took so much care to build up is full of snow, and it’s time to get to work and clear your garden. It is the best time to bring out the snow blower or if you do not have one, buy it. There are various types of snow blowers in the market, too many to confuse you when you decide to actually buy one. Here, we have a list of top brands you can consider.

The list of top brands of snow blower

Centaurus Snow Blower
: It is a highly efficient snow blower that can be used on the lawn of your house. It is equipped with two-stage auger system. It has variable drive speed with an electric motor, and also heavy tread tires for best traction ever. Its rubber track makes the machine skid resistant. It works well with hard packed snow and removes it by grinding the snow.

Cub Cadet 3X 30-inch Pro H
: It is a three-stage machine that removes snow in three processes- auger, accelerator, and impeller. Though it is 30 inches wide, it is easy to maneuver as it has a hydrostatic transmission. It is useful for heavy storms that leave 18 inches snow behind.
Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30: It is a two-stage machine that removes heavy and wet snow, and is perfect for 18 inches thick snow. For the best snow removal speed, it comprises of 357 cubic centimeter engine. It helps in an increased throwing distance and plow-pile clearing. Its unique features include one-hand steering and heated handgrips. This machine also comes with a warranty period.

Cub Cadet 2X 24 inch HP
: Ideal for clearing 12 inches of deep snow, this machine works great when it comes to easy storing. It is a compact two-stage device and is very easy to maneuver. It has excellent snow removal speed.

Greenwork Digi Pro 40-volt G-max
: It is an electric snow blower than is equipped with a 40-volt battery and a charger. It has no push cord and starts with a press of a button. It is a compact storage machine and with an easy fold handle system, can be transported easily.

Garden Pro
: With a fuel tank capacity of 3.6 L, the equipment has 21 inches of clearing width. It has a metal chute with a rotating angle of 190 degrees. It works well in the lawn and pathways and is easy to use.

Depending on your requirements, choose a snow blower and prevent the snow from blocking your way. Enjoy the snow while it falls and after the fall as well!