How to choose the right pizzelle maker

How to choose the right pizzelle maker

For cookie lovers, one of the ongoing struggles is to find the best pizzelle makers available in the market. Pizzelle refers to a kind of dessert of Italian origin, similar to waffles, which is made of flour, eggs, butter, vanilla, and other flavorings. The delicious dessert is the result of a combination of the finest ingredients as well as the use of the best pizzelle maker.

There is a huge variety of pizzelle makers available in the market. If you’re looking to find a pizzelle maker, here are a few things to consider while making the final pick.

Electric or stovetop pizzelle maker
While making the choice of a pizzelle maker, one of the primary considerations is between the electric or stovetop version. While the electric variety that uses an electrical source for power is more popular and is available in both nonstick and uncoated surfaces, the stovetop variety is more of a traditional kind that uses an outside heat source for baking.

One of the advantages of an electric pizzelle maker is a fixed cooking time due to a constant temperature, unlike the stovetop version where cooking time varies because of inconsistent temperatures.

Uncoated vs. nonstick
Another important point to consider is whether to go for the uncoated or opt for the nonstick type. Although the uncoated variety makes crispier and thinner cookies, it needs seasoning of the pizzelle maker before baking to avoid sticking. Nonstick variety, on the other hand, is much more convenient to use due to the non-stick coating which makes baking as well as after-use cleaning easier.

Shape and size of the pizzelle maker
Pizzelle makers are available in different shapes and sizes. The size selection should depend on the number of cookies you are planning to bake. Pizzelle makers can make from a two to four pizzelle at a time and the choice rests on you.

User-friendliness of the pizzelle maker
While choosing a pizzelle maker, there are a few other things that you need to consider. Before making the final selection, make sure you have answers to the following questions.

  • Is the pizzelle maker you’re choosing easy to operate and clean?
  • Does the material stick to the plates often?
  • Is the product safe to use with all the necessary equipment?

Lastly, don’t forget to read online reviews and compare prices, before buying a pizzelle maker. Also, to ensure high quality and durability, you must invest in a branded pizzelle maker.