Causes of heart diseases

Causes of heart diseases

Heart disease is one of the widespread health concerns all over the world. It is erratic in nature and that it why we must take timely precautions to prevent it. But do you have any idea what triggers them. Here are some of the common causes that can severely affect the health of your heart. You must know them so that you can take the required preventive actions to nurture your cardiovascular health.

Unhealthy food
‘You are what you eat.’ Period. Nothing can deny this fact. Constantly binging on unhealthy food can increase weight and cholesterol levels. This can slow down physical activities, and create a damaging pressure on the heart. Obesity and diabetes are some of the defining factors for heart diseases.

Chronic stress can cause extreme variations in blood pressure. This can immediately trigger a heart stroke. Stress is usually the result of factors like long working hours, erratic eating habits, inadequate sleep and inappropriate management of demanding situations. This can frequently cause heart issues in young individuals as they deal with stress on a daily basis.

Family history
Your genetics also play an important role in determining your susceptibility to heart disease. If your family has a history of cardiac diseases, you should start paying attention to yourself. It will be a smart move to consult a doctor to evaluate your overall health condition.

Smoking is not just harmful to your heart but also for your entire body. When it comes to the heart, it steadily diminishes its ability to deliver and purify blood. It can cause plaque and block arteries by hardening them. Even occasional or secondhand smoking can cause a considerable amount of damage to the heart. It also causes breathing problems and a diminished level of stamina.

Lack of physical movement
The absence of any significant physical movement can affect the circulation of the blood, and cause an unhealthy growth of fats in the body. This leads to increased weight, which can cause obesity and an increased level of bad cholesterol.

Alcohol is not harmful if it is consumed within limits, but it is still a risk. High amount of alcohol intake increases the blood pressure and leads to irregular heartbeats. If you already suffer from a heart disease it will be smart to let of go of the drinking habit completely. For instance, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, existing heart disease, and obesity should avoid alcohol at all costs.