Best Laundry Tips for Maytag Appliances

Best Laundry Tips for Maytag Appliances

Does your washer always have a foul smell after every wash? This could be caused by the dirt that is washed away from clothes that remains as residue in your washer. Maytag Appliances offers the best washers and dryers in the market to cater to your laundry requirements. Get the most out of Maytag Appliances by following the laundry tips mentioned below

1} Maytag Top Loading Washer

Earlier, front load washers took all the praise. However, in recent times top loaders have also become immensely popular for their efficiency. These top loading washers have higher capacities, low water usage and high efficiency. Get the best cleaning for your laundry by using a Maytag Top Loading Washer.

2} Do not overstuff Laundry

Over stuffing or overloading your Maytag Appliance is a big no-no. Filling your clothes up to the brim can put extra stress on the motor and wear it out. Additionally, clothes do not get cleaned efficiently. Fill top loading machines only three-fourth full and front loaders only two third full.

3} Routine Cleaning

Just because Maytag Appliances washes and cleans clothes, does not mean that it can clean itself too. Use commercial cleaning solutions and run an empty cycle with warm water to prevent foul odor and residue.

4} Do not add too much detergent

Although each washer has a recommended level for detergent, Maytag experts suggest that adding detergent below the recommended line is ideal. For those allergic to detergents and soaps, adding excess can cause itching and other skin irritations.

5} Check the Hoses

Most people do not check the hoses on a washer on a regular basis. But it is advisable to check them from time to time. Hoses on washer appliances can wear out with time. Ensure that there are no cracks or holes.

If you hear your Maytag Washer make funny and weird buzzing noises, do not try to repair it yourself. Call customer support and request for a technician to help you. If you are looking to buy the best Maytag washers, you can read several Maytag Washer Reviews available on our website. Do your laundry smartly with Maytag Washers.