10 firms offering the best CD rates for 2021

10 firms offering the best CD rates for 2021

Besides a savings account, you have several options to earn interest out of your extra money, like a Certificate of Deposit (CD). This deposit is made for a certain period and cannot be withdrawn. Leading financial institutions provide CDs, and here are the top 10 rates on offer for 2021.

With a variety of term lengths, no hidden charges, and good rates, the Discover High Yield CD is a fantastic option for those looking for even short-term CDs.

Ally Bank offers a fast mobile app and that’s just the beginning. It also offers some of the highest yields and a low minimum deposit. It’s a strong contender to consider.

Quontic Bank
Quontic Bank has CD terms starting from six months that go up to 5 years. True to its online nature, it offers a fast, user-friendly mobile app as well.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs
There is something unique about Marcus: it offers a 10-day guarantee on your CD rate. If the rates increase within 10 days of opening your CD, Marcus will push it up for you automatically.

Sallie Mae Bank
Good rates and a wide range is what Sallie Mae Bank’s CDs promise. For those looking to build a CD ladder of the highest yields, this can be a good option.

Tiaa Bank Basic
Tiaa is a neat online CD and offers several benefits- no monthly fees, a range of terms, and an enviable APY.

Tab Bank
If you’re trying to build an entirely CD-based portfolio, TAB Bank’s eight different terms all offer a high yield (0.50% to 0.85%). Even if you want one CD, you can rest assured of competitive rates. To open a CD, a minimum deposit of $1000 is needed.

Synchrony Bank CD
Synchrony offers interesting terms, like three months or 15 months, and is a solid performer when it comes to yields also.

Comenity Direct CD
The monthly maintenance fee notwithstanding, the Comenity Direct CD is one of the most flexible options out there.

Connexus Credit Union CD
If you’re looking for a good credit union for long-term CDs, this one is arguably the best. It offers some of the highest yields for 48- to 60-month-long share CDs. To obtain a share certificate, one needs to be a member.